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Sunday 17 December 2017
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Exercises and Workouts – What Can You Do To Combat Boredom With Your Workout Program?

One of the main concerns many people have as they plan to get into an exercise routine is slowing down their progress because they get stuck in a workout rut. They want to prevent becoming bored. Unfortunately, boredom is the number one problem that tends to throw people off their workout game faster than anything else. Chances are, you have experienced this before. One week you are feeling highly motivated to get your workout in, and the next week, you could not be bothered. You just do not feel like it.

What can you do to help combat this? How can you prevent boredom and stay the course? Let us look at three smart ideas to help you say so-long to boredom…

1. Get Outside. Sometimes the best way to combat boredom is to take the workout outside. If you are cooped up inside a gym for too long, this can lead to boredom in and of itself. Instead of running on the treadmill check out a local trail. Or, if you are doing resistance training, you might try out a local boot camp.

There are plenty of ways to get fit outdoors if you put your mind to it, so start thinking about one or two methods you think you will enjoy.

2. Try New Equipment. Another effective way to combat any workout boredom is to try out some new equipment. If you often use barbells or dumbbells, for instance, mix it up. Try resistance bands instead. Or, you might start using the cables for a few of the main exercises you plan to do.

Switching things up can have a profound influence on your interest and also help to keep you from hitting the dreaded progress plateau as well.

3. Periodize Your Program. Last but not least, consider periodizing your program. Periodizing means at particular points during the year; you will work towards a specific goal set. Then at other points, you will switch gears and work towards something else.

By having a slightly different focus as you go about your workout routine, this can liven up your sessions, making you more interested. Plus, it will take some of the stress off of your body; stress that comes with exercise if you are changing up the nature of your workouts every few months.

There you have the key points to keep in mind when looking at combating boredom. Try one of these three tips and see if you manage to you boredom behind you; hopefully forever.

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