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Saturday 16 December 2017
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The Truth Behind Weight Loss Workouts

Have You Heard of This Workout Plan?


How many times have you heard and read lines like “7 days of weight loss workouts to permanently lose all the excess weight.” Or “This set of exercises can actually burn your calories more effectively than this set of exercises.” Or, even lines like “The longer you do this kind of workout you’ll lose 10 pounds in 6 days.” Isn’t it all so exhilarating to read and learn about information and advertisements that instead of educating you are on the other hand confusing you on what to believe in and what to do? For matters of unfolding the truth behind all the myths and the lies, let the experts and professionals do the enlightenment for you.

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The Best Workout is the One You Do


Contrary to all the weight loss workouts advertised everywhere with all the fancy and alluring offers and results they can bring, the experts say that the best workout for losing weight is the workout that you will actually do. The only thing that leaves most individuals aspiring to lose weight and not succeeding is because they give up on their daily exercises or workouts. Either it will be because of boredom from the sets and laps they do, or because of injury. Abruptly stopping with your workouts will never let you reach your desired weight that you want. The truth behind losing weight is just simply burning more calories than you take in. So even if running or jogging actually burns more of your calories if you stop midway, there is no way you would be dropping off those pounds anytime soon. So instead of actually dreaming big and then not meeting it, plan on something that you can do like brisk walking instead or biking around the neighborhood, just make sure not to overdo it.


Calorie Burning Workouts

Against all endorsements and beliefs, aerobics or cardio workouts actually burn more calories than your weight lifting and strength training workouts. One of the best ways to burn that fat away is to do some short fast sprinting. The belief of more muscle mass means more calories burned is actually just a big fat lie. The only significant calorie burn they have found on studies with weight lifting workouts is those who were serious weightlifters working out for an hour or more on weights that are too heavy for an average person to lift. So if you’re aiming for burning those calories for weight loss, a cardiovascular workout is your best option.

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